Filtration Trailer for Hire

Filtration Transfer Trailer for hire.

Trailer is “One Stop Shop” equiped with Oil Transfer & Filter units to suit all Hydraulic Applications including Contamination Monitors & Data Loggers, Spare Filter Elements

Units Include

OFU3-(72l/min Multi Pass,1300R Filter, 20,10,5,3 micron Elements available)

OLF5-15-(15 l/min Single Pass, N5DM Filter, 20,10,5,2,1 micron Elements available)

OFT7-(15l/min Multi Pass,MFX200 Filter, 20,10,5 micron Elements available)

CS1220 Contamination Sensor

Data Logger & Digital Pressure Gauges for Filter DeltaP

A range of HYDAC Elements stocked in Trailer

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