Hydac 10 micron Pressure Elements

Genuine German made

Manufacturer: HYDAC

Type: Pressure Line

Rating: 10 Micron Absolute

Media: Opti-Micron (QPD)

Available: Ex Stock for NZ Purchases Only, Please contact us for International Purchase



Note on Filtration: Filtration and in particular the choice of Filter Elements is such an important part of a Hydraulic System.In a lot of cases the choice of Element used is based purely on price and as we all know very well “cheaper usually isn’t better” especially in the case where you are gambling on the protection & life of “thousands of dollars” worth of “pumps and valves”. Here at Online Hydraulics (although we have access to “all-brand nominal rated” Paper elements) prefer to supply quality “absolute” rated Glass Fibre Elements with proven “Beta values & dirt holding capacity”. The life of your hydraulic components and Filter Elements is important to us & we would prefer to see the correct Element used properly than the incorrect Element used “sometimes causing more damage than good” and changed out before it’s due. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us.

Description: Hydac 10 micron Absolute Pressure Line Elements (Genuine Hydac Opti-Micron) (QPD code)

Note: Opti-Micron (ON) is the upgraded (BNHC & BN4HC)

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